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Make Your Business Profitable!

The Ultimate Portable Asset Management And Tracking Solution!

A powerful, barcode-enabled, asset tracking system, which is incredibly simple to use. Built on a solid architecture, it has plenty of room for extensions, and it is made to provide a solution that is robust.

Using the latest barcode asset tracking technologies, MaxAsset will help you increase your business’ operational efficiency. This asset tracking software will help you implement an IT asset management system that will track and manage your assets within the premises, and make sure that all records are checked periodically.

By providing continuous and automatic tracking as the asset moves from one location to another, this asset tracking app will let you have a complete overview without bothering. This is a simple, yet extremely efficient way of managing your assets!

MaxAsset Asset Management System

Manage your critical assets

  • Manage your critical assets
  • Make sure assets are operating at the optimum efficiency
  • Address issues with services and budget
  • Be aware of how equipment and capital assets are used
  • Protect your investment in assets
  • Improve the regulatory requirement and asset accountability
  • Streamline management and transfer of assets
  • Improve the employees’ efficiency
  • Easy integration with RFID devices and code readers
  • Easy creation and management of users, as well as managing their rights

Key Features Of MaxAsset

Asset Transfer

You can easily create asset transfers with a single click, as well as write-off assets from the asset register.

Asset Register

The asset register is easily set up with locations and class, keeping everything in a centralized location.

Asset Audit

Asset audits are a simple and highly intuitive process. Asset audits can be planned, and the team can just choose a location and scan the assets. The system will guide the team and give them information on missing assets and locations covered. Transfers can be done on the field, and they only need to be approved by management.


Assets in the field can be managed with handheld devices. You can register them, or update their location.


Reports are comprehensive and flexible, and in order for you to get more from a single report, there are parameter based reports. A single report will tell you everything you need, from locations, to categories and history. And, you can easily create more reports!

Hardware And Software Support

The app is built on the .NET framework, and is compatible with devices such as HID, Datalogic, Zebra, Epson, 3M, TCS, Microsoft, Android and iOS.