A Complete Learning Management System And School Automation Solution

Best School Management software providers in UAE

Technology and knowledge are advancing rapidly, and educational institutions are struggling to keep track of progress, as well as improve quality. ESKOLA is a solution that lets you scale, and it guides institutions towards delivering quality education, all while keeping everyone involved updated and informed.

If you want to track data for schools based on day to day operations and local regulations, this is a complete solution. You have critical information such as copies of legal documents with expiration dates, as well as parent’s communication details and enrolled course.

The focus is on managing the courses’ delivery, and keeping track of progress and performance, while being able to report everything that is happening in the institutions. The teachers have the ability to create, as well as re-use content, and reduce efforts for duplicated development. There is training material in a central repository, and you can make it available to teachers for reuse. This will allow for rapid assembly of customized content.

Best School automation software providers in UAE

Key Benefits Of Using ESKOLA - The School Management Software :

  • It’s managed from a single interface
  • It lets you choose between manual and automatic tracking
  • You can manage facilities such as the canteen and library
  • It has built-in support for content management systems
  • You can record and generate marks

Features Of Using ESKOLA - Best School ERP Software in Dubai:

  • The only product that integrates MIS, learning management and finance
  • Marks, semesters, attendance, everything is easily manageable
  • A web CMS for files, photos and announcements
  • Charges and fees collection and receipt
  • An integrated cashless canteen management system
  • E-mail and SMS notifications for parents and students, as well as staff
  • Classes and batch management
  • Performance monitoring with continual assessment of both students and teachers
  • Manage schedules and assist teachers
  • Management dashboard
  • Compatibility with plugins for projectors, interactive whiteboards, RFID readers, and LMS content management

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