Document Management

Document Management

Manage your critical business documents the new way and gain complete control over them with Document Management Software that lets you organize the documents with the ease of wherever you are in just a few clicks. Our advanced solution offers document control of professional documents

Document Management Software in Abu Dhabi Best Document Management Software in UAE

Best Document Management Software in UAE

Are you tired of arranging and organising your documents that are messing up things in your work? Do you seek a solution that will simplify the way you manage your documents and let you gain access to them through a particular common location? The document management software at Omega brings together all your crucial documents and keeps them secured in one place for you to access them anytime. You can achieve document lifecycle, get approval workflows, perform archival of documents, obtain version control as well and view the audit trail through this software. The solution is flexible enough to suit your business's operational needs and user-friendly for you to easily manage the documents.

Go paperless with this document management system that keeps your essential documents maintained on your desktop or other portable devices of any screen size. You may also keep your documents saved on a cloud-based server so that you can access them even if your documents are destroyed due to any incident or due to a hard drive failure. The software lets you access your important files even when you are away from your office on vacation and need to view an important document for an urgent task. The solution we offer is the best document management software in the UAE and comes enhanced with electronic signing abilities.

For the ease of usage of business documents, we have come up with this solution that offers top-tier security at a price that doesn't burn a hole in your pockets. When you use this software, you can be sure that not only you can access the documents anytime and from anywhere but also they remain safe. Now you can effortlessly send your acknowledged documents, for approval or do electronic signatures through this advanced solution. The software further allows you to achieve your workflow and monitor the same. You can also decide the retention period for the various folders in which your document files are saved. You can choose to save the documents for as long as you want which varies from a few days to even years; depending upon your particular business needs.

You can predefine the scheme and experience the benefits of easily finding the documents through the automatic numbering of documents. The software allows you to make changes to the settings so that you get notified every time someone makes changes to the documents or any of the folders. For better accountability, the audit trail shows the action performed by every user in the group who has access to the files in your business document folder. Our document software in the UAE lets you add custom metadata fields in any format including checkboxes and lists. You can link the files saved in different folders to maintain a connection between the business documents.

Best Document Management Software in Abu Dhabi

Benefits Of Document Management System in Abu Dhabi

The document management software we offer comes with umpteen benefits that you can count on.

• Complete document management: Our document management system has all the features that let you manage every business document of yours. From numbering and naming the document to segregating and archiving the same, the software has features that help you gain access to any of the documents and perform certain actions depending upon your requirements. As the software is cloud-based, every individual who has access to the documents folder can view the documents at any time through the cloud-based server.

• Version tracking and workflow: The document management solution by Omega supports version control and version tracking. You can track any document iteration through this platform which offers comprehensive control. Unconflicted edits can be made as the software comes with a check-in and check-out feature. As a business owner, you can independently approve every version of the document files.

• Simple user interface: Our document management software is very simple to use as it has an easy and clean user interface. The users can seamlessly navigate between the various folders and the files in those folders. To streamline the process of document submission, you can email the file or folder to the email address you want. Also, the system has the option to automatically save the attachments sent with the email in a separate folder that carries the details of the sender and the matter in the email body.


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