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A Complete CRM Solution

A Complete CRM Solution And A One-Stop Solution For Your Financial Accounting Needs

Perfex CRM is an amazing customer relationship management solution, ideal for anyone from a company to a freelancer. The design is clean and modern, and makes sure you look professional in front of your customers. It will also give your business performance a boost. There are quite a few things that Perfex CRM helps you with.


Key Features Of Perfex CRM

  • Complete management and invoicing of projects with professional invoices and estimates
  • A powerful support system
  • Time tracking and task followers when the staff isn’t a member of the project
  • Keeping track of leads in a centralized place. You can import them from an e-mail, and you can create proposals and add notes
  • The powerful customer relationship management system lets you know more about your customers
  • Custom fields for additional information on customers or leads
  • Payment options (Stripe and PayPal)
  • Plenty of options you can configure

A good CRM should focus on the customers, and Perfex will do that, and provide a powerful support system. You can use the integrated ticket system to quickly resolve issues, and you can also assign reminders to staff members, or yourself. There’s an in-app notification system as well, and combined, these things let you raise customer satisfaction to the next level. There are a lot of features, for a lot of applications, so make sure you take advantage of them!

When you take a deeper look, the project management feature is amazing. It lets you manage and invoice projects, and you can track how much time you spend on each task. You can also assign multiple staff members on one task, and see how much each spent on the task. Invoices look professional, which will boost your business in the eyes of your customers. You can even attach files and send them to your clients.

If you’re thinking about payments and expenses, that’s covered too. You can set up recurring expenses, and even set expenses that are only billable to specific customers or projects. Currencies aren’t a problem either, as you can record, and receive payments in various currencies, and an auto-generated PDF will be sent to your customer. And, partial payments are also an option.