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The Laundry Management Solution For Any Laundry Professional!

RFID/Barcode Laundry Management System With Auto Tagging

MaxLaundry is ideal for any size operation. It integrates RFDI and barcodes with a laundry management system, and lets you do your thing, which is manage your laundry business.

The suite is designed ideally for industrial and commercial activities. With MaxLaundry, you can improve the efficiency of your business, while also reducing expenses. Depending on your specifications and requirements, the suite can be installed and customized. The operations, such as delivery, collections, invoicing and reports are designed according to what you need.

MaxLaundry is undoubtedly one of the best ways to manage your laundry and cleaning business. It is easy to use, yet very powerful and comprehensive, letting you automate absolutely everything, while you focus on your business operations and management. It is simply a cleaner way of managing your laundry business!

Laundry Management System UAE

Key Benefits Of Using MaxLaundry

  • Custom pricing and payments management
  • End-to-end tracking
  • Printing of reports
  • Creation and management of users, as well as managing user rights

Main Features Of MaxLaundry

It’s Made For Laundry

Unlike some other POS systems, MaxLaundry’s development was overviewed by industry experts. This resulted in a solution that is tailored perfectly for your needs. Our product is powerful, while remaining simple and easy to use.

It’s Customizable

According to your needs, there is a preset configuration, and you can easily tailor things such as pricing, products list and business information.

Monthly Invoices

You can bill your customers on a monthly basis, and our invoice management tool lets you generate a customer invoice with a single click.

User Roles & Security

All of your branches and staff will have an account, and roles and responsibilities will be pre-defined. You can even go as far as creating permission levels that limit the amount of control they have.

Cloud Benefits & Hardware Support

MaxLaundry is available both as a desktop version, and as a cloud service. The cloud service has advantages such as instant upgrades, free backups, and the option of accessing your system regardless of where you are. It has support for Zebra, HID, Datalogic, Epson, 3M, TCS, iOS, Android and Microsoft devices.