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Prepare Yourself For A New Way Of Managing Documents – Our Document Management Solutions Will Let You Track & Manage Everything With Ease!

Brace For A New Way To Manage Documents !

If you’ve ever needed a powerful document management system, look no further than DocMan. This DMS system is extremely simple to use, and you get both a tracking solution and document management. Built upon a great architecture, it is a great digital document management system with workflow and versioning built-in. It is targeted at the SME segment, and it provides a great online document management system while maintaining a price that isn’t too high.

The way it does the online document management is similar to your hard drive’s file system. However, when you need additional metadata such as keywords, author, description and other attributes, it is absolutely the best document management system.

A document isn’t just a file – it has plenty of additional metadata, as well as a number of versions. You can have it with attached files and even access rights. This web based document management system lets you work with anything!

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Key Benefits Of Using The Document Management System

  • Complete management of all documents
  • The ability to include additional information and metadata for each document
  • Options for versioning tracking and workflow
  • Easy integration with content management systems
  • Clean and simple user interface